Federal Court

Suing the Social Security Administration

If the Appeals Council denies a request for Appeals Council Review, or refuses benefits, you may want to appeal your case to the federal district court. This is more complicated than a case at the administrative level, and your best bet at success is to have a qualified disability lawyer on your side. A disability lawyer is familiar with deadlines and filing requirements and knows how best to present your case in federal court. You want someone who works in the federal courts on a frequent basis and understands the ins and outs of the federal court system.

Disability law

An appeal to the federal court is more complicated than a hearing before the ODAR judge. In federal court, it is not enough to prove that you should have been found disabled. You must show that the judge’s decision was not supported by substantial evidence. In other words, you have to show that the judge made some legal error. This is a difficult task, but we have won cases before the federal court.

One of our disability lawyers can help

If you have an experienced disability attorney from the Abbott Law Office fighting for you, your chances of collecting benefits are better. We are experienced with all aspects of the disability claims process, from application through hearing. If you are denied benefits, we know how to present the best possible case on your behalf on appeal.

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